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Car Part Replacement: Clear Visual Indications You're In Need of New Tyres

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A car consists of so many different types of components, and each component must remain in good working order for the vehicle to run safely and efficiently when it is being used. One of the car parts that develops wear and tear with every turn of the wheel is the tyres. This is because tyres always touch the ground when a car is moving. Fortunately, car tyres normally reveal signs of physical damage after considerable use, thus making it easy to tell when it is time for a replacement.

Replace your tyres when they exhibit any of the following visual signs. 

Low tread depth

One of the surest indications that it is time to replace your tyres is when the tyres have low tread depth. To check how much tread depth you have left, you will need to use a tread depth gauge, which you can purchase at your local auto parts shop or dealership. If your tyres have a built-in tread wear indicator, you can use it to measure the tread depth. If the tread depth is lower than what's recommended by your tyre manufacturer, you will definitely need new tyres. 

Irregular tread wear

Because they continuously spin against the surface of the road, tyres are expected to exhibit some sort of wear and tear. While the damage caused to front tyres and rear tyres may vary, one front tyre should exhibit the same type of wear as the other front tyre — the same applies to the rear tyres. Irregular tread wear on tyres is a sure tell-tale sign that indicates that you might need to fit new tyres sooner than expected. 

Cracked sidewalls

The presence of cracks on the sidewalls of your tyres is never a good thing. The cracking may be caused by leakage of oils and chemicals found in the rubber or by encounters with potholes and kerbs. This usually results in leakage of air pressure, which can leave you stranded by the roadside due to flat tyres. The cracks can also lead to tyre blow-outs that can make you lose control of the vehicle while you are driving, especially at high speeds. 

Disregarding obvious signs that your car is in need of tyre replacement could lead to car accidents that may leave you and other road users seriously injured. So talk to your trusted car parts supplier immediately when you determine that you need new tyres.