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3 Common Problems You Could Experience with the Heating and Cooling Systems of Your Car

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A few basic principles apply in the operation of heating and cooling systems of your car. The systems are designed with many components that are hidden in the bowels of the vehicle. For this reason, it may be challenging to know the exact cause of a performance problem or a malfunction within the two systems. As a driver, you must get to know your car well and be keen on certain indicators that will hint an issue arising within the heating and cooling units. Be on the safe side by learning a few concepts on heating and cooling malfunctions to avoid serious complications.

The Problems You Will Feel

There are problems related to the temperature system of your car that can be easily felt. Such problems that can be noticed while in the car are the least ambiguous on the list. Common signs that could hint a defect in the heating and cooling units include malfunctioned AC on the dashboard. If your AC system cannot blow air when turned on or the heater system does not respond to warm your vehicle when activated, make an immediate diagnosis to determine the cause of the problem.

Refrigerant Leaking

Lack of a coolant would lead to air conditioning system malfunction. In this case, the AC may blow temperate or hot air that is not clean and cool making your car uncomfortable. This is a clear indication that the coolant used by the compressor to evaporate heat is depleted and needs immediate refill. If you had a recent refill of the coolant, you may consider revisiting the shop that recharged it to confirm if anything was overlooked during the process. Leaking refrigeration systems are one of the major causes of this type of malfunction.

Thermostat Stuck Malfunction

Another issue you are likely to experience is overheating of your car. Malfunctioned thermostats are the common causes for heating up vehicles. For instance, driving on a cold day then temperature display on the dashboard suggesting the car hasn't attained its operating temperature could be an indication that your thermostat is closed or stuck open. The engine becomes slow to warm up and cannot stay at the operating temperature if the system is stuck open. However, if it is closed, the car overheats since the coolant is held and cannot flow to the radiator. Check your thermostat and if necessary replace since it is both cheap and easy to access within your vehicle.