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Transmission Fluid Related Mistakes That Could Lead To Gearbox Repairs

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Your vehicle's gearbox tends to be a workhorse considering all the responsibilities it has to keep your vehicle running smoothly. However, not maintaining it in the right condition could lead to unnecessary gearbox problems that could have easily been avoided. One of the more common reasons why one would start experiencing gearbox trouble is if it is stemming from the automatic transmission fluid, commonly abbreviated as the ATF. If your vehicle's ATF is compromised, chances are you will end up requiring gearbox repairs. Here are some of the ATF related mistakes that could eventually lead to gearbox repairs.

Your vehicle's ATF is running low

In order for the different internal components in your vehicle to function at optimum, they require sufficient lubrication from the transmission fluid. This transmission fluid also functions to maintain the appropriate hydraulic fluid pressure for your vehicle to run well. In the event that your transmission fluid is running low, you will find that other aspects of your vehicle will be over-working in an attempt to compensate for this deficiency in transmission fluid. This leads to gearbox problems such as overheating. This is why it is prudent to take the time to regularly check the levels of your transmission fluid. Additionally, in the event that you are experiencing gearbox problems, you could start troubleshooting the cause by checking if your ATF levels need refilling.

Your vehicle is running on the wrong ATF

Another transmission fluid related mistake that could cause gearbox repairs is using the wrong type of transmission fluid for your individual vehicle. One misconception that some drivers have is that any transmission fluid can be used for vehicle performance. This is not the truth, though, and this is why vehicle manufacturers will recommend a specific type of transmission fluid for your type of car. Transmission fluids will vary in terms of viscosity, thus affecting how they essentially provide lubrication for your vehicle. Moreover, transmission fluids will also have different additives in them and some of these additives may cause adverse reactions in your vehicle, hence leading to gearbox damage. One thing to avoid is having someone who is not familiar with your vehicle refill your transmission fluid for you; for instance[,] if you have lent the car out to a friend and not enlightened them on what ATF to use. This could lead to changes in the hydraulic pressure of your car and can even cause inefficient cooling of the various internal components of the vehicle.